Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Talk about M.I.A

So finally I have recovered my log in information for my blog and can now update (once in a while). I'll start by saying I am absolutely gutted that my new beads stock and absolutely amazing watch face won't get here in time for my fair on saturday thanks to paypal flagging my payment, without reason! Also now that most of my items on Folksy have been delisted I'm wondering whether or not I should even bother relisting, the problem is it's the website on all of my business cards and I can't get new ones in time for Saturday either. I suppose I will relist some things, when I have time to create descriptions and take much better pictures.

I sold a couple things since my last post, a pair of earrings and watch to my mum and a couple of bracelets to a friend. So I'm quite glad, though hoping to sell a lot of Saturday, need to sell quite a few things to cover the table cost so if anyone is in Sheffield Saturday the 18th June, pop over to Heeley City Farm.

I was going to put up a few pictures of things made recently, but I think I will do it tomorrow now, I'd like to get to bed if I can. Far too hot!

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